ESP Executive Summit London featured keynote speakers

Enterprise Services Planning Executive Summit 2016

Get immersed in the new approach to coordination and planning across your enterprise. This will change how you make decisions about portfolios, strategic direction, development, and daily activities.

What is Enterprise Services Planning (ESP)?

It is hard to be accurate when planning professional services work.

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You deal with constantly shifting market conditions. You aren’t producing identical items or services day after day. How can you plan and manage in such a dynamic environment? Can you really answer basic questions like “Will it be ready when we need it?”

The Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) management approach uses Kanban as well as a full range of complementary techniques to help you reach a new level of alignment across your organization.

Your business is an ecosystem of interdependent services. ESP looks at the way you work right now and builds a coordinated information flow so that you can make accurate plans and better decisions every day.

Presenting ESP Executive Summit 2016

Experience a new approach to management for professional services work. This new event will gather managers of all levels to interact and learn from each other as well as from an international team of experts in these modern management methods.

The ESP Executive Summit will present sessions, interactive workshops, and roundtable discussions to address challenging questions such as:

  • What is truly going on? – Using Kanban enterprise-wide to visualize and coordinate services, requirements, and dependencies
  • What should we start next? – Portfolio and daily planning that manages options and risk in real time
  • When do you want it? – The easy way to do probabilistic forecasting, faster and more accurate than old-fashioned estimation
  • How do we deliver what we need, when we need it? – Using the levers of 2-phase commitment and flow
  • We are overwhelmed! – Balance demand with capability and deliver the most important work faster
  • How do we build an information flow? – Master metrics and essential review meetings for faster feedback

ESP Executive Summit Themes

The ESP Executive Summit 2016 has 6 themes across 3 tracks:

THEME 1. Improving customer satisfaction with Kanban – Kanban helps organize and manage your work. It helps you deliver the most important work faster. Kanban does this by bringing awareness and consensus to what the work is and how it is done. Freedom to pull new work or deliver finished work asynchronously maximizes agility.

THEME 2. Planning: Scheduling, Sequencing, and Dependencies  – When do you want it? Don’t guess when you will deliver! Probabilistic forecasting is more accurate. Master the information your enterprise needs to make informed decisions like: What should we start next? How many people do we need? What happens if we wait?

THEME 3. Managing risk for real-time agility – The way to align planned strategy with actual capability is to manage risk. Start by establishing a risk profile for the unique context of your business.  Check your risk factors in real time and know the signals of upcoming difficulties.

THEME 4: Portfolio and Product Management – Quick and effective ways to plan, adjust, and manage your product and feature offerings. You don’t need to go through expensive, time-consuming planning ordeals to find consensus. Set the right direction quickly and stay coordinated, even at scale.

THEME 5:  Metrics and Measurement – Become a data-driven organization. Understand which essential metrics are the key to informed decisions.

THEME 6:  Cadences: Feedback Loops and Information Flow – The Cadences are key to anticipating demand and managing dependencies. Get synchronized enterprise-wide.

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